Hitchin Partnership CIO - Family Support Services


Providing a quality family support service with experienced Family Support Workers.  Support is provided on a referral basis.


Family Support

þ   EHM/TAF   support

þ   General Routines

þ   Issues   with friendships

þ   Bullying

þ   Temperamental   Teenagers

þ   Relationships

Behaviour & Attendance

þ   Analysing   family routines/lifestyles; enabling good homework/bedtime routines

þ   Establishing   strategies for pupil/staff and parents to undertake to provide consistency in   approach

þ   Admissions   support

þ   Transition   support

þ   Protective   Behaviours facilitators

þ   Experience   with supporting Special Educational Needs

Emotional Wellbeing Support & Mentoring

þ   1:1   Mentoring for pupils

þ   Empowering   children

þ   Raising   self-esteem and confidence

þ   Reducing   stress and anxieties

þ   Support   with family breakdown and relationships


þ   Looking   at budgeting, debts, signposting for further help.

þ   Sourcing   essential household items or clothing.

þ   Authorised   agency for Foodbank and Community Wardrobe Vouchers.

þ   Enabling   children to attend activity clubs during school holidays.

NHS Crisis Support

This document is attached below, please click on the document for the links

Self help (hpft.nhs.uk)

Hertfordshire Partnership (hpft.nhs.uk)

Samaritans | Every life lost to suicide is a tragedy | Here to listen

Childline | Childline

HOPELINEUK | Papyrus UK | Suicide Prevention Charity (papyrus-uk.org)

The NHS website - NHS (www.nhs.uk) 

SEND Duty Line



Useful Links
NESSie Spring Programme




North Herts DSPL


Hitchin Volunteer Army

Angels Support Group

Up on Downs support

North Herts Minority Ethnic Forum